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Kasa Gallery will be showing works by three artists between dates 11.11.2009 – 01.01.2010. The exhibition Tracing includes animation, drawing and installation works by Başak Kaptan, Ceren Oykut and Nalan Yırtmaç. The artists while employing tracing, tracking and copying as methods of production, with the subjects they deal with and their approach to their subjects reveal the potentials of meanings suggested by these acts.
Başak Kaptan, Terrace (2008)
Terrace is an animation created by retouched images of the videos taken by daily shots of a family living on top of a deserted building. Each frame of the video is exported to be rendered and drawn then they are imported to the video scene again.
The video “terrace” is occurred from the distance between the artist and the encountered daily course of life performed by others. In respect to the distance, retouched frames reveal the interpretations of the objects, the subjects and the spatial relationships among them.

Ceren Oykut, Lost Passport (2008)
‘Ceren Oykut proudly presents her one-year Schengen visa on  her lost passport.
The persistent feeling of trespassing would not fade away. Yet, the riotous will to discover new lands and to explore different lives is always at stake.
The more it becomes unreachable, the more you insist: New rules. New obligations. Additional documents. Further verifications. More questions. More legality. More reliable proof. A constant state of claiming your decency: all in all, you simply want to go to another land, not commit a crime.’ Başak Şenova

Nalan Yırtmaç, Sulukule (2009) For the last two years, I had the opportunity to follow the efforts put forward by Sulukule Platform which was formed to resist the demolition of the neighbourhood. We have witnessed how the families were driven out of their demolished homes and slowly exiled to outer parts the city, in spite of the rightfulness of their objections and their ongoing struggles for five years. I had no familiarity with this culture which is often ignored and almost aimed to be disappeared however the destruction that was being experienced was quite obvious.


Opening: 11 November 2009, 18:30

Address: Sabancı University Kasa Gallery,
Bankalar Cad. No: 2 Karaköy
Tel: 0212 2924939/1508

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