Kasa Gallery between 6 January – 17 February 2023 hosts a group exhibition entitled “In the fragility of acceptance; data and ghosts”. Curated by Dicle Beştaş, the exhibition brings together the works of Batu Bozoğlu, Volkan Dinçer, Delal Eken and Clarissa Thieme. "In the fragility of acceptance; data and ghosts" is a research process that prefers the narrative one to the testimony read with a documentary approach, summoning the ghosts of the past rather than instrumentalizing the subject as a consistent data source. The exhibition questions what subjective testimony can mean in the context of collective or social mobilizations. It juxtaposes documentary approaches with different data analysis and imaging materials that objectify with technical and legal procedures. In this way, artistic practices offer a democratic perspective with forms that come into contact with each other in different fields.