Endless Possibilites

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10 January- 25 February 2007 / Sabancı University Kasa Gallery

Gökçen Cabadan
Marcel van Eeden
EPPR (endless possibilities project room)*

curator: Adnan Yıldız

‘Is 'painterly' image, as an element of design, fashion or advertising, still a painting? What makes a painting an artwork? Is what the painter resists for a territorial orgasm or is it an orgasmic territory?
We know that big curatorial statements about Painting (Capital!) -with grandiose shows and speculative predictions- does not survive anymore. But painting does. We do not need big overestimations but every possibility of fresh look. Today, anything that does not transform itself into something virtual/digital can not survive. And painting keeps its tradition(s) during its transformation(s). " endles possibilities" is an exercise that is inviting the spectator to RE-look at the works, in the age of Photoshop (digital software), blog(ger)s, websites, digital museums/archives. And, the question is now: "how does/will painting survive?”’

*EPPR: is an online project studio that will take place in the "endless possibilities". The project will be based on a web site that will be a blog address, live web journal base or a link and this web link will be open during/ from the opening day of the exhibition. There will be a screening by a projector which will be connected to a laptop and internet.

The aim of EPPR is to display the speed and possibilities of digitalization and technology and investigate their relations with painting and painterly images today .


10 January 2007 Wednesday, opening , 18:30
13 January "Saturday School"

15:00 artist talk with Gökçen Cabadan about his research in painting with participation of Övül Durmuşoğlu
16:15 Esther Llu opens a disscussion as titled "endless images or possible medium" and presents some artists from Taipei
17: 30 Kamil Şenol will talk about politics of painting in relation to visual techno-possibilities

Sabancı University Communication Center, Kasa Gallery, Bankalar Cad. No:2 Karaköy - İstanbul
Info: Kasagaleri@sabanciuniv.edu
tel: 0212 292 49 39/1508

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