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Kasa Gallery is pleased to announce its fall exhibition, It’s in My Nature, featuring Yasemin Özcan Kaya, Dilek Winchester and Judith Zdesar between 15.09.2010 – 30.10.2010. The three artists explore three different approaches to the dynamics of the human psyche, its mysteries and volatility. The works in the exhibition offer an inside look not only to emotional states contrived or exposed by the pre-defined spaces of language and psychology, but also to those emerging from the compulsory physical conditions imposed by authority.

Yasemin Özcan Kaya’s video Run (2010) travels from the multilayered boundaries of psychology to the physical boundaries of the athletics track. Empty stadium stands accompany this metaphorical representation: Sometimes sprints, sometimes hurdles and more often a marathon or Süreyya? Ayhan? Nevin? Answer?...*

Judith Zdesar’s short film Images from a diary of someone waiting / Bilder aus dem Tagebuch eines Wartenden” (2007) focuses on the soldiers keeping watch at the Austria-Hungary border. In this border surveillance space where they are serving their compulsory military service, the soldiers are in a state of meaningless and endless waiting. Amidst a desolate geography buried under snow, they record this tedious and absurd mode of waiting, their daily conversations and the games they play to pass the time. In Michael Palm’s words, “… a war movie without a war. The only thing that remains is concentrating on one’s own emotional situation.”

Dilek Winchester’s two-part work, The geometry of life: 72 emotions(2010) has been realized in collaboration with psychodramatist Arzu Soysal and actor Jockel Malcow. The first part consists of a list of emotions compiled in collaboration with Soysal. This list, inspired by Spinoza’s Ethica, strives to verbalize the diversity of human emotion. The reflection of these 72 emotions in facial expressions constitutes the second part of the work. This work presents a fragment of the impossible and boundless quest to define, enumerate, document emotions and the expressions thereof.

Opening: 15 September, Wednesday, 18:30

*Süreyya Ayhan and Nevin Yanıt are professional athletes from Turkey with considerable international achievement. Nevin Yanıt’s surname means ‘answer’ in Turkish.

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