Lens-Lentil: Journey to Languages Through Photography

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This month, exhibition ‘Journey to Languages through Photography’ meets viewers at Kasa Gallery as part of ‘Lens/Lentl’ series which deals with alternative approaches in photography. Photographs by artists who actually work in different artistic ‘languages’ such as painting, music and writing will be on show.

Works by Enis Batur –writer- , Selim Cebeci –painter- and Zeynep Gedizlioğlu –composer- will be presented by this exhibition which is arranged by photographer Ahmet Elhan. The exhibition is going to be a ‘first’ with the color photographs which are produced by the artists in different times and places and contributed in their previous different productions.

The exhibition reveals similarities and differences of the attitudes of artisits who use forms of expression spesific to their artistic genre such as writing, painting and composing, in dealing with photographic imagery.


Enis Batur; Published his first writing in 1970 and first book in 1973. His 126th book “Mürekkep Zaman” is published by the end of 2004. He is awarded Cemal Süreya, Altın Portakal, Sibilla Aleramo, Zirvedekiler prizes for his poems and Türk Dil Kurumu prizes for his essays. 16 of Enis Batur’s books are translated to several languages.

Selim Cebeci; completed his study on architecture in 1972, started painting in 1980. Cebeci after quitting his profession as an architect, moved on to stage and costume design for theater. Working as an art director in advertisement for a while Cebeci focused on painting since 1990.

Zeynep Gedizlioğlu; started her musical study on oboe in Mimar Sinan Üniversitesi İstanbul State Conservatory in 1989. In 1992 started studying composition in the same institution and graduated in 2000. She taught solfege and music theory in Mimar Sinan University through 1997-98, and in Akademi İstanbul in 2001. She composed music for various plays. In 2001 started to study composition with professor Theo Brandmüller at Musikhochschule-Saar in Germany. Gedizoğlu participated in Mediterrenean Contemporary Music Festival which yook place in Istanbul in 2004, with her string quartet. She currently works for her masters degree with Theo Brandmüller and plays with professor Ivan Fedele at Strasbourg Conservatory.

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