Sound…Sound…Sound… a School

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Sarkis, who has been living in Paris since 1964 was in Istanbul with two exhibitions. "Ses... Ses... Ses... 'a school' was shown at the Kasa Galeri during 12th -30th March, 2001 while "Karisik Retrospektif" / "Mixed Retrospective" took place from March 20th to May 12th in the Mudo Maçka Art Gallery.

The exhibition at the Kasa Galeri featured Sarkis's films produced in 1997-98 as well as an installation. The center of the gallery was transformed into a meeting and discussion space, called 'the school'. In this space throughout the exhibit, Sarkis spent 4 hours every other day discussing works of young artists. The young artists who attended 'the school' were Ünsal Bahtiyar, Seyda Cesur, Elif Çelebi, Cem Gencer, Borga Kantürk, Çagri Saray, Eser Selen, Vahit Tuna, Mürüvvet Türkyilmaz and Ebru Uygun. The discussion sessions took place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through 12 am to 4 pm and were viewed live from the monitors situated at the entrance of the Minerva Han.

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