The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing at Kasa Gallery

Sabancı University Kasa Gallery will present this year’s exhibition from the “The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing’ series on 2 April. Works by Osman Akan, Mustafa Kula and Giséle Trembleau will be on show until 10 May.

In this year’s exhibition from the series ‘The Beginnings ...’, where drawing as the basic form of visual representation is reconsidered in different types of production, Mustafa Kula presents his wall drawings originated from the most basic design materials of paper and ink, Giséle Trembleau shows her poster designs for theatres with scenes, spaces and stories of surreal atmospheres and Osman Akan installs his work ‘Harvest’ where he employs unconventional materials such as fiber optic cables, plexiglas rods and illuminators which will be accompanied by the visual documentation of his public space installation in New York.
Osman Akan He has lived and worked in the United States since 1995. Trained as a new media artist, Akan has been producing audio and video installations since 1999. In 2002, he started making prints of 3D modeled “virtual” sculptures. His growing interest in the tangibility of sculptural works in relation to virtual landscapes led to working with optical fibers in 2005. He installed his first fiber optics work in 2006 in Franconia Sculpture Park. In 2007, Akan received a NYSCA Individual Artist’s Grant to enable the realization of “The Third Bridge,” sponsored by Dumbo Arts Center. Until recently, Akan maintained a studio in Dumbo. A professor of advanced computer graphics, Akan lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Giséle Trembleau The visual artist, Gisèle Trembleau is also a designer in varoius fields of exhibition, stage set, costume and graphic design. She lives and works in Paris, and teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges, France. She is currently working on the stage sets of the company Ecrire un Mouvement with the coreographer Thierry Escarmant.

Mustafa Kula Eskişehir, 1986. After graduating from Eskişehir Fine Arts High School in 2004, he began studying at Hacettepe University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department in Ankara. His works were exhibited at Proje 4L Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, "Meltem of Istanbul", in Korea “Contemporary Art from Turkey and Korea”, at Siemens Art, Istanbul "Borders and Orbits ", at Ankara German Cultural Center "Talk to Me" and in 2006 at the Biennial of Tunusia. Had his first solo show at Helikon Art Gallery, Ankara in 2008.

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