The Beginnings; Different Approaches to the Drawing

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The Beginnings: Different Approaches to the Drawing was exhibited at Sabanci University Kasa Gallery on November 6th until December 6th. The seventh sequence of the exhibition series, held for the last three years, The Beginnings: Different Approaches to the Drawing displayed the works of three artists belonging to various disciplines: Baris Dogrusöz, Ugur Kangal and Mehmet Ulusel.

Baris Dogrusöz is continuing his graduate studies at l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse, France. His works were exhibited in the following areas: 2002 Festival d'Art Contemporain Mulhouse Umplan 3; Centre Rhenan d'Art Contemporain d'Altkirch Des Hauts et des Bas; Strasbourg, Palais des Fetes Un Pave dans la marre,...Quoi de neuf en Architecture, Basel Kunst Akademie Basel-Mulhouse/Mulhouse-Basel, and In Situ under the curatorship of Jan Clair Stevens at the Galerie de l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Mulhouse. He also had an exhibition/performance with the band Replikas in Istanbul. With Niek van De Steeg and Alain Buffard at Mulhouse, the artist exhibited his collected works and opened two personal exhibitions at Mulhouse Galerie de Quai in 2001 and 2002. In addition to preparing illustrations for magazines and catalogues, Dogrusöz has currently finished Kör Tasin Kiyisinda, the video clip of Replikas.

Ugur Kangal received his MA from the Department of Restoration, Middle East Technical University (METU) and the Architecture Faculty of Royal Academy of Denmark upon receiving his BA from the Department of City and Region Planning of METU. He was involved in the restoration projects of various edifices as well as their applications, and also designed urban furniture, internal lightning equipment, and gift products. The artist, whose works include photography and sculpture besides architecture, organized slide shows at Ankara Çagdas Sahne, Embassy of Belgium and Bilsak. He opened a sculpture and painting exhibition at TMMOB in 1980 and a photography exhibition at Galeri Nev in 1984.

Mehmet Ulusel has been working as a graphic designer since his graduation from Ankara University's Faculty of Political Sciences. He has done many book and book cover designs and illustrations. His book Kafadanbacaklilar covering the artist's illustrations was published in 2001.

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