Self Diversity

Nezaket Ekinci performances and exhibition at Kasa Gallery

Sabanci University Kasa Gallery, presents Nezaket Ekici's performances/installations with the exhibition 'Self Diversity' between dates 8 November - 30 December. Curated by Derya Yücel, the exhibition brings together Ekici's...

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Lens – lentl: Hidden/Trace

Photography at Kasa Gallery “Lens - lentl: Hidden/Trace” Sabancı University Kasa Gallery presents this year’s exhibition from the series ‘Lens – lentl’ which focuses on photographic works on 17th May. Works of three young artists will be on show with the title ‘Hidden/trace’ until 24th June.

Murat Germen...

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Untitled: 5 April 2006

Mutlu Çerkez ‘Untitled: 5 April 2006’ In his first individual exhibition in İstanbul Mutlu Çerkez’s works will be on show at Sabancı University Kasa Gallery until 6th May.

‘Instead of hours, minutes and seconds he was using albums, songs and rhythms. The interval between two successive things was equal...

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The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing 2006

Sabancı University Kasa Gallery will present this year’s exhibition from the “The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing’ series on 22 February. Works by Matteo Fato and Seda Özen will be on show until 18 March.

In this year’s exhibition from the series ‘The Beginnings ...’, where drawing as the basic form of visual representation...

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