Geometries of the Sublime

ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb are pleased to present GEOMETRIES OF THE SUBLIME. This is an art program that focuses on world pioneers of contemporary geometric and digital arts. The program sees the participation of Charles Csuri, Roman Verostko, Paul Brown, Manfred Mohr and Vera Molnar. Chuck Csuri - (Monday, 17 October to...
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Hyperstrata, a conceptual curatorial framework by Lanfranco Aceti, looks at the process of layering of contemporary aesthetics. The exhibition showcases the artworks of Mark Amerika, who has been able to make of the pixel a contemporary media tool to overlay images with 21st Century's aesthetics. Roy Ascott's transmediation of La Plissure du Texte in virtual worlds with...
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ISEA2011 Istanbul and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb proudly present DISLOCATIONS, an art program of re-contextualizations and transmediations, which sees the participation of Songul Boyraz, David Cotterrell, Charles Csuri, Mathias Fuchs, Danielle Roney and Jeff Conefry. The program, realized by Senior Curators Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac, is in collaboration with and supported by the...
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Not There

A piece of the Venice Biennial in Istanbul at Kasa Gallery. An exhibition of works from the Manifest.AR Venice Biennial 2011 AR Intervention Kasa Gallery re-launches its activities with a new visionary approach, favoring experimentations and visionary artists who will be the future masters of the arts of the 21st Century.