The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing 2006

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Sabancı University Kasa Gallery will present this year’s exhibition from the “The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing’ series on 22 February. Works by Matteo Fato and Seda Özen will be on show until 18 March.

In this year’s exhibition from the series ‘The Beginnings ...’, where drawing as the basic form of visual representation is reconsidered in different types of production, two young artists employ drawing in their work as they revisit and reuse the visual material from media of film and intenet.

The first video, ‘ri...Tornatore’, by Matteo Fato is constructed on a sequence from Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie ‘La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano’ (The Legend of 1900). The video shows the sequence of the film as it alternates with the animation consisting of 807 drawings made with a graphic pen; the story is told interchangeably using two ways of representation. According to Fato, this work is not intended to be an animated video; it is rather a pictorial work where each drawing is in fact a ‘por...trait’, an individual work with its own life. In ‘Il taccuino’(The Notebook) there is a construction of a false internet page where Fato is the only possible navigator and the visitor is invited to peek through the notes and drawings on the pages of a small notebook.

In‘Resim Defteri’(Picture Book) Seda Özen builds up sort of a documentation which consisits of politics, ways of living, music, books, fashion, entertainment world of 80s. Various images from 80s, searched and downloaded from internet, are disconnected from their contexts and reproduced on primary school drawing books by using pencil. In her second work ‘Bugün hava yine yağmurlu’ (It’s Rainy Again), Özen produces a ‘meteorological’ metaphor with her drawing which covers one whole gallery wall.

Matteo Fato Pescara, Italy 1979. Solo shows in 2002 and 2003. Participated in the 12. Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean in 2005. Since 2001 exhibited his work in many group shows. Works and lives in Pescara.

Seda Özen İzmir, 1982. Graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Dept. İn 2004. Currently student of MA at the same faculty. Group Exhibitions: 2005-‘Büyük Boşluk’(Big Void) Siemens Art Gallery-Istanbul, ‘Diğerlerinin Şansı’(Chance of Others) K2 Art Center-Izmir, 2004-‘Yeni Öneriler Yeni Önermeler XII’(New Proposals 12) Borusan Art Gallery-Istanbul, ‘Mekanını Terkeden Çıplak’(Naked Leaving its Space) K2 Art Center-Izmir. Lives and works in İzmir.

Address: Sabancı University Kasa Galeri,
Bankalar Caddesi No: 2 Karaköy
0212 2924939

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