..and Design

Kasa Galeri hosted the works of Ela Cindoruk, Koray Özgen, and Tasarimhane as one of the series of "...and design" exhibitions between February 13th and May 15th, 2002.

Ela Cindoruk worked as a freelance jewellery designer for two years upon graduation from the Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University (METU). After studying in Parson's School of Design, USA between 1986 and 1988, she worked as a jewellery designer in Urart. Since 1989 Cindoruk's designs have been displayed in various personal and joint exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. Currently, she teaches at the Department of Industrial Design, Istanbul Technical University and the Program of Design Managing, Istanbul Bilgi University.

Koray Özgen worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University (METU) where he graduated from in 1989. In the meanwhile he received a post-graduate degree from the Department of Graphic Design, Bilkent University. As a post-diploma exchange student, he went Les Ateliers in Paris to study design in 1992. During his study, having earned a scholarship from the Municipality of Milan, Özgen worked in a research project called Le Culture dell'abitare in Milan and additionally, the atelier workings of Klaus Krippendorf, a pioneer of 'product semantics' in Finland. After his post-diploma studies in conceptional designing unit of Les Ateliers'de Pippo Lionni, Özgen researched on the development of visualisation of information and visual identity. Since 1995 Koray Özgen has been working as a consultant and designer for research centres and museums such as Paris Municipality, Centre Georges Pompidou, International Herald Tribune, Yves Rocher, Boots Healthcare, and Palais de la Decouverte.

In 1997 Özgen and his two partners founded a designing company named Özgen where the designs of the company were considered to be among the 'trends' of the year in the fair in Paris. Currently, the company works for companies and institutions like Association of French Museums, Galeries Lafayette-Boutique Trends, Colette, Printemps Design au Centre Georges Pompidou, and La Poste Museum. Their products varying from furniture to jewellery are exhibited in museum boutiques or design galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Brussels, Milan, and Hong Kong.

Tasarimhane is an expertise on printed product designing, and was established in 1996 by Akin Canko, Petek Tonak, Güven ve Özlem Özkal who met during their post-graduate studies. Hakan Erkmen and Arzu Özkal later joined the group. The graphical designing office works with institutions and companies like The British Council, Tepe Proje Inc., Turco-British Organization, Yüksel Proje Inc., Ross Breeders, Meko Inc., LFT International, Strongbow, DreamHome, Flap Tour, and Ador Tour.

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