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Within the series of exhibitions ''Lens-Lentil'' held since two years, this time Kasa Galeri hosted Paul McMillen's "source of light" works of various periods. The exhibition ''Lens-Lentil'' was seen between 28th November and 28th December 2001.

Here are a few words from McMillen about his works exhibited in Kasa Galeri: This group of photographic investigations represents an ongoing interest in the content of light. Light sources can be direct or indirect. The light reflecting on the faces of people who are witnessing their home in flames contain much more than that light that can be measured with a light meter. For years when I was directing commercial films for television I was aware that the lighting was physically often more interesting than what was being filmed. The same has been true for my photography. The framing of a photograph while taking it (in studio conditions) usually involves "excluding" the light source. This selection excludes the source of light and conveys only the "effect" of light.

Recently I started shooting light sources. I found this equally exclusive. I now want to join the source with the subject and so expand the subject to include "how" we see it, how we can record it. Many sculptors use light (or lighting elements) as the subject of the piece. Most sculpture assumes a light source in order for it to be visible. Light can be incorporated into photography and film (which both use light as material) to create content. The lighting used in theatre is hidden. The lighting used in cinema is also hidden. This excludes some of the content, the full repertory of the visual encounter.''

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