The Beginnings; Different Approaches to the Drawing

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In the exhibit called "The Beginnings: Different Approaches to Drawing", Kasa Galeri presented three creators, an architect, a novelist and a fashion designer with their drawings as a working medium of their ideas. From January 10th to February 2nd, 2001, "The Beginnings" brought together the drawings of Murat Artu, Ihsan Oktay Anar and Cemil Ipekçi.

Ihsan Oktay Anar is an associate professor of philosophy at the Ege University. But he also attained a large group of fans with his novels Puslu Kitalar Atlasi (1995) (twelfth edition), Kitab-ül Hiyel (1996) (sixth edition) and Efrâsiyâb'in Hikayeleri (1998) (sixth edition). The exhibit featured his original drawings for his second novel Kitab-ül Hiyel.

Murat Artu is a well known architect working in Ankara. He was a jurist in several national architectural project competitions, and taught at METU, School of Architecture during the years 1993-1995. Artu believes that the core of architecture lies in the plans. He asserts that nowadays this fact is mostly forgotten. In this exhibit, rather than showing perspective renderings or images of facades, Artu chose to exhibit only plans as his drawings.

One of the most prominent fashion designers of Turkey, Cemil Ipekçi took part in the exhibition with sketches he did during the creation process of his works. He also exhibited drawn on paper garments on live models at the opening. After the opening these were presented on mannequins. The following is a statement of Ipekçi at his 25th silver year in fashion: "I don't perceive of clothing as any different than paintings, poetry, Byzantium windowpanes, or ancient Istanbul architecture. My words are of textile, color and lines...The way I try to express myself through clothing is by building an elegant bridge with strong foundations crossing over the past and the present".

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