The Beginnings; Different Approaches to the Drawing 2001

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Sabancı University Kasa Galeri opened the second exhibition of the season on October 17th entitled 'The Beginnings: Different Approaches to the Drawing' under the curatorship of Ali Akay. The exhibition series 'Different Approaches to the Drawing' is held since two years in Kasa Galeri. Seza Paker's works, within the fifth sequence, was seen until the 16th of November.

With the materials and the concerns she previously made use of, Paker questioned the up-to-date view of the utopic movements that developed in almost half a century. In her works, the artist thinks and inquires where the world is heading, and how the ideologies have been evolving in the modern and postmodern world.

In this exhibition Paker intermingles the subjects and materials she dealt in her recent exhibitions Giz ve Açiklik (The Secret and the Obvious) in 1999; Riskli Gölgeler (The Risky Shadows) in 2000; Temizlik Malzemeleri Dükkani (The Cleaning Equipment) in 2000 and Ilahi Komedya (Divine Comedy) in 2001.

Seza Paker completed his studies on Graphics and Fine Arts in Paris. She opened exhibitions in Paris, Magosa and Gümrü. The artist proceeds his working in Turkey and in France.

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