Winds into the Future

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Works by three young artists on show at Sabancı University Kasa Gallery

Kasa Gallery presents works by Burçak Kaygun, Burak Bedenlier and Ece Dündaralp as part of ‘Winds into Future’ exhibition series. Artists who have participated in this series in the past are asked to name promising artists and this year’s ‘Winds into Future’ exhibition is brought together from these proposals.Works of three young artists will be on show until 11 February.

Burçak Kaygun, in her videos and canvases searches for ‘the sense of “reality” that gets more difficult to find in these fast times’ with the spaces which seem timeless and endless, spaces which are deserted but moving silently, with ‘blurred and slippery’views that are caught by the corner of ones’s eye while travelling on the road
Burak Bedenlier, exhibits the small notebooks of drawings which are reproduced  and invites the visitor to take one with him/her. He produces his recent works such as, pvc covered drawings, processed or semi-processed volumes, notebooks produced private to person, around the idea of ‘challenging of  production of work of art and the relationships around it through a “free” exchange of the work’.

Ece Dündaralp, combines her ‘colorless’ paint with various technological trash, as she reduces her visual language to white and black which are often rejected from the conventional painting. She tries to achieve ‘a change of status of objects which are discarded as trash but goes on to exist in space’ with her white or black collage compositions which recall lines of electricity or electronic circuits.

Burçak Kaygun, 1976 İstanbul.  İstanbul Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi. Currently studying painting at Marmara Üniv.Faculty of Fine Arts. Worked as an art director in two short films by A.Oğuz İçsöz. Worked with Murat Söğütlüoğlu at ‘Artists Windows’exhibition.

Burak Bedenlier, 1977 İstanbul. Marmara Üniv.Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept.Sculpture. Research assistant at the same department. 2005, Group exhibition at Artisan Art  Gallery. 2005, ‘Bound-less’ –An open call for ideas. 2005, Video Channel [R][R][F] 2005 global networking project

Ece Dündaralp, 1981 Gelibolu. Yeditepe Üniversitesi Faculty of Fine Arts. Currently student of MA at the same department. 2005 ‘Young Artists’ Art-depo group exhibition. 2005 ‘Mittelmeer Pre-Biennale Köln-Waitingroom Project’ exhibition and workshop.

Opening: January 18 2006 18:30
Through: February 11

Address: Sabancı University Kasa Galeri,
Bankalar Caddesi No: 2 Karaköy
0212 2924939

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