18th Mediterranean/Road to Tirana…

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18th Mediterranean / Road to Tirana…

18th International Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, will be held in the Albania city of Tirana in May 4-9, 2017. More than 300 artists will bring together in the event. Turkey selection of the Biennial was elected by a commission formed by the Sabancı University. Berna Tonyalı and Akın Güreş will participate to the Biennial. The artists' works can be viewed before Tirana in Sabancı University Kasa Gallery from 1st of February until March 8.

Berna Tonyalı (1983, Trabzon) graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Space Science and Astrophysics in 2007. Since 2011, she is solely focused on exploring and incorporating traditional, digital and experimental techniques across interdisciplinary boundaries; creating work that integrates the diverse practices of painting, photography and video installation. In 2016, she took part in 4th Mamut Art Project art fair. She still lives and works in İstanbul.

Akın Güreş (1988, Adaklı) lives and works in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Arts in 2010. His post graduate education still continues in Arel University, Graphics Department. In his works Akın Güreş describes abandoned places where people has a history in old times. Artist Works on the buildings which are abandoned, has a special history or ruined. He follows memories, rest of the life and those images’ reflections in human. He tries to catch all the memories. When he is working, new images, forgotten memories come to surface. Güreş still continues working on the photographs of former years, drawing and producing models of them.

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