"We are human because we are on the move, We are hardwired to setting off, when we may know, we have to know that no ultimate arrival is possible or promised."[1] Jean-Luc Nancy To go is always to divide, says J.L. Nancy, and "the division is not merely between where we depart and where we arrive;...
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  Hande Varsat – Aras Seddigh – Meltem Işık

25.05. – 7.07.2017

“My poems do not turn out to be about Hiroshima, but about a child forming itself finger by finer in the dark. They are not about the terrors of mass extinction, but about the bleakness of the moon over a yew tree in...
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“Impossible Space”

Deniz Aktaş İhsan Oturmak Hasan Pehlevan  

“Our story is the old clash between history and home. Or to put in another way, the immeasurable impossible space that seems to divide the hearth from the quest.”

Jeanette Winterson

The World and Other Places: Orion, Vintage, 2000

  It is asserted that in all kinds of transformations in historical accumulation...
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18th Mediterranean/Road to Tirana…

18th Mediterranean / Road to Tirana… 18th International Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, will be held in the Albania city of Tirana in May 4-9, 2017. More than 300 artists will bring together in the event. Turkey selection of the Biennial was elected by a commission formed by the Sabancı University. Berna...
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