TRUMBAUER Family Collection

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Trumbauer Family Collection was on exhibit at Kasa Galeri for the first time in Istanbul in a partnership between Özgür Demirci and Suat Öğüt. The collection represents the extensive history of the Trumbauer family, and was available for viewing by prior appointment from Wednesday to Saturday between 1 pm and 3 pm until December 23, 2017. A member of the family's private security detail was accompany visitors during their visit.

The Trumbauer Family is interested in works of art located in public areas [parks and museums]. The family collection consists of works obtained from such locations and has been growing over generations. This is the first time a special selection from the family collection will be exhibited to create a new style of narration which explains the role of the exhibits in collective memory, their conversion from works of art to commodities, and their ways of presentation. This collection revisits works that have ceased to exist or had never existed in the first place, which directly intervene in real stories throughout history.




to: John Mark Tillmann Trumbauer:

date: 9 August 2016

subject: Trumbauer Family Collection in İstanbul?


Dear John,

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

It was such a great conversation we have had at the bar the other night. As I told you the idea of bringing the collection to Istanbul, hereby I would be happy to introduce you with my colleague Ozgur Demirci, who is very much up to be part of the organization.

We are still amazed by the story you have told me about your family collection that include all the hidden but well known artworks in the art history. Right after your confirmation we have approached the Kasa Gallery in Istanbul, they are also willing to host the collection in their space.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Hope you have a good summer!



Suat Ogut




to: Suat Ogut:

date:17 October 2016

subject: Trumbauer Family Collection in İstanbul?


Dear Suat and Ozgur,

It was my pleasure to meet with you. Sorry for the late response, I have been hunting new art works by emerging artists 🙂 I had talked with my grandfather about presenting the collection in İstanbul. As you can imagine he is one of the difficult farmer to convince him. Therefor it took a while to get back to you with only one condition. He would like to present the collection by his private security fortunately who is able to speak Turkish as well. I hope this is fine for you.

Please let me know the details about the time period of the exhibition.


Looking forward!

Best regards,

John M.T. Trumbauer



cc: Suat Ogut:


date:24 October 2016

subject: Trumbauer Family Collection in İstanbul?


Dear John,

We are very happy to hear that you confirm to present your family collection at Kasa Gallery.

Exhibition will take a place in between 8th November and 23rd December 2017. It is totally fine with us to host your collection with the private security. Exhibition is open to public every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 3pm only by appointment. Please have no doubt about the safety of the collection, it will be insured and well protected in the gallery. Thank you so much for your cooperation. Let’s be in touch for boring bureaucratic paper works for the transportation soon.

Greetings to your grandfather and all the best,

Ozgur Demirci



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